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I'm Rene and I enjoy the smell of rich mahogany and a good leather bound book. I'm a Libra. I like long walks on the beach and slow dances at night. I'm a selfish prick. I am a hot, rich, pampered intellectual with a big dick and a marathon tongue. Due to my extremely serious drug/alcohol addiction, I may need to borrow some cash. I have a mullet haircut and excessive tattoos. I am seeking a male that understands spandex is a privilege, not a right. But hey, at least I got a great personality... Facebook

Heather Rhodes - Carissa’s Wierd

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A Movie Script Ending - Death Cab For Cutie

With your hands on my shoulders, a meaningless movement, a movie script ending.

i listen to this song so often in the car its ruining my life


Calico -  Fever the Ghost

to be alone with you - sufjan stevens

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Girlfriend // Ty Segall

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love’s not a grave, it won’t decay on you.

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Hate, Rain On Me // Andrew Jackson Jihad

I wish I had a bullet big enough to fucking kill the sun. I’m sick of songs about the summer, and I hate everyone.


Mika Miko - I Got A Lot (New New New)

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"Where Do You Go To My Lovely" by Peter Sarstedt


Passenger Seat | Death Cab for Cutie

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